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JavaJo's Coffee Shop Located in Monroe, NY


We believe that the quality and freshness of coffee are super important. Working closely with a top-notch roaster, we ensure excellent coffee and friendly service. Combining Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Colombian beans into one cup, is a sure way to start your day… ‘The Javajo’s way’! 

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Located in the heart of Monroe, NY

JavaJo’s Coffee

We believe freshness of coffee is super important. Supermarket coffee can be sitting on a shelf for up to 2 years, leaving it stale and tasteless.

We will never sell you coffee that’s old.  We provide you with high quality 100% Arabica beans which are batch roasted for maximum freshness. 


Our Menu's what we do best.


Coffee Blends

We have 4 perfected roast’ and unique blends that will surely satisfy any craving. From hints of caramel, hazelnut, and cocoa, to bold french roast, we promise you, you won’t be disappointed! Check out our menu for all available roast and blends. 

Locally Sourced

We personally met with our roaster prior to collaborating to confirm they have the same quality and dedication to customers as Javajo’s. Proudly partnering with Noble Coffee Roasters, we managed to remain local and serve quality deliciousness.


We may be small, but we are mighty. We aim to grow slowly to limit our environmental footprint and protect our farmers.

Baked Goods

Sweet tooth?! We feature Defillippi’s Bakery pastries ranging from freshly made donuts to gooey cinnamon swirls, and much much more. Motivated to stay local, we also work with Greenwood Lake Bakery for gluten-free pastries and Javajo’s muffins.. that’s rights, muffins with our very own roast in them! 

JavaJo's The Shop


Testimonials Coffee Shop Located in Monroe, NY

  • I had an iced coffee here and it was delicious. The prices are great from what I saw. The place has so many seats. I saw there is also a bar and I think they have events. They have parking right in front and theres plenty of parking near the pond. The building has some historical significance. Definitely the best coffee spot in the area.

    – Dan –

  • Great experience at Javajo’s! I always enjoy coming here when I’m visiting from Phoenix. They have a wide variety of coffees, teas, and frappes! Pastries are great as well. It has a nice aesthetic and free WiFi that makes it a great place to get work done or chill with friends.

    – Joanne –

  • Very attentive and excellent service overall. There are many hidden details I loved about the setting, making it an inviting and cozy place for a good conversation with an old friend or simply to solve the problems of the world :). Look for the fancy Chess set in the counter by the main entry (fancy,lol). They do have a good variety of options even to accommodate a vegan-friendly request. I had an Almond+Soy Latte, medium with a hint of vanilla syrup and I enjoyed it to the last sip.

    – Carlos –

  • Awesome place with great coffee cake and delicious coffee! Can’t wait to see this young business grow!

    – Angela –

(845) 238-2415

30 Millpond Parkway Monroe, NY 10950